Lake Karla used to be one of Greece’s major lakes, the biggest one in central Greece. Its history is closely tied to the history of people living in this area all the way back to antiquity as well as being a unique ecosystem for multitude different species of fauna and flora. Its history stopped abruptly in 1962 when Karla was drained to provide farmland for people living in the surrounding villages. Ultimately, this whole plan proved fruitless since its drainage ended up creating more disadvantages than advantages for all involved. On a positive note, since 2007, a major project co-funded by the EU has brought Lake Karla back to life. A biotope is being re-created and many different kinds of bird species have begun establishing colonies in it. Lake Karla lies close to Mount Pelion, an area very famous for its outstanding natural beauty that attracts thousands of visitors every year worldwide. However, the lake itself remains unknown to the vast majority of visitors. Can we change this? Could Karla be given a second chance as an attraction for ecotourists and bird watchers? Could it be a new beginning, offering the local residents an income from sustainable tourist services? Nature Conservation Consultants (NCC) Ltd along with Ecotourism Greece are holding a meeting to present the case for Lake Karla to the region’s tourism professionals. The meeting will be held in Volos on May 23rd 2015 and includes a visit to Lake Karla. The meeting is being organized as part of the LIFE project, “Conservation and Management of the Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) in three Special Protection Areas (SPAs) of Greece” (LIFE11NAT/GR/001011) and ties in with celebrations for European NATURA 2000 Day.

Further Information
Admission By invitation only
Start May 23, 2015
End May 23, 2015

Country Greece
City Vólos, Nomós Magnisías, Thessaly, Greece
Address The N. & S. Tsalapatas Rooftile and Brickworks Museum

Contact details
Organised by Nature Conservation Consultants Lte
Contact person Valya Stergioti
E-mail vster@outlook.com
Telephone +30 2421050756
Webpage http://www.lifelesserkestrel.eu/index.php?lang=en
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LifeKirkinezi?ref=hl