The PODKOWIEC+ is a project supported by the LIFE+ that protects the Lesser horseshoe (in Polish: podkowiec) and other bat species in Poland. The EU-wide PODKOWIEC+ Contest for individuals asks for the infographics illustrating the influence of Natura 2000 on bats. The awards and recognitions will be prized with specialist books such as field guide of mammals of Europe, and items related to the project such as batty t-shirts and pen-drives. The Contest Rules are available on the project website www.podkowiecplus.pl/en and in the attached file. The contest will become subsequently open for other categories. For announcement of the Contest in other categories and submitting the entries, see www.podkowiecplus.pl.

Further Information
Admission Free attendance
Start May 25, 2015
End Oct. 1, 2015

Country European Union
City None

Contact details
Organised by Polskie Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Przyrody "pro Natura"
Contact person Roman Guziak
E-mail rguziak@eko.wroc.pl
Telephone +48600878006
Webpage http://www.podkowiecplus.pl/index.php/en/competitions
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/podkowiec?fref=ts