We will be delivering a youth activity on 'Natura 2000 Day' 21st of May - celebrating the Natura 2000 network all over the European Union. As the initiative sprung from the LIFE project, Connecting People with Biodiversity and they produced a song and ask us to take a photo of our team and the public making the butterfly sign, we are basing our activity around this. We have our very own 'Beatrice Butterfly' and during the day she is joining Five Islands School to visit as many people as possible to learn about the seabirds of Scilly. Anyone who learns about, or teaches Beatrice about seabirds will be asked to do the butterfly symbol and have their picture taken for the website. Beatrice will start the day visiting Five Island school Nursery class where they have been learning about lifecycles – we will play the Natura 2000 song and do butterfly shapes. Beatrice will learn Manx shearwaters lay an egg in a burrow on the islands, which then becomes a beautiful seabird. Without rats, the chick can survive.Five islands school Primary ‘Blue class’ have then been nominated to be the lucky class to visit the seabirds on a ‘seabird safari’ to the uninhabited island of Annet which is protected for seabirds as part of Natura 2000. Beatrice will learn all about the seabirds, how to identify each species and the protection they need on Scilly. She will then meet St Agnes school who will tell her all about the project, removing rats to protect seabirds on St Agnes and Gugh. Finally we will record an interview with Blue class where they will explain what Beatrice has learnt about the project and seabirds during the day, and we will collate all our pictures of people doing the butterfly symbol and therefore supporting our seabirds and Natura 2000 sites.

Further Information
Admission By invitation only
Start May 21, 2015
End May 22, 2015

Country United Kingdom
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Address Trenoweth, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0NS

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Organised by Isles of Scilly seabird Recovery Project
Contact person Jaclyn Pearson
E-mail jaclyn.pearson@rspb.org.uk
Telephone 07881517047
Webpage http://ios-seabirds.org.uk/
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