2015 will be the end of the LIFE+-Project „Wetlands near Rastatt“. We have improved the ecological conditions in the alluvial floodplains of the rivers Rhine and Murg with numerous measures. In the project area, that is more than 5 000 ha big we could restore typical wet habitats and promote important plant and animal species. Celebrate the termination of this successful project in a broad and diverse programme which suits old and young people. All our LIFE-partner will contribute to this festival. Food and drinks are provided.

Further Information
Admission Free attendance
Start Sept. 12, 2015
End Sept. 12, 2015

Country Germany
City Rastatt, Karlsruhe Region, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Address Murgpark bei der BadnerHalle, Kappellen-Str. 20-22

Contact details
Organised by Regierungspraesidium Karlsruhe
Contact person Jost Armbruster
E-mail jost.armbruster@rpk.bwl.de
Telephone +49 (0) 721 926 4300
Webpage http://www.rheinauen-rastatt.de/de/life-naturfest-%E2%80%9Erheinauen-bei-rastatt%E2%80%9C
Twitter https://twitter.com/beiRastatt