Celebrating Natura 2000 Day on May 21, a seminar will take place in Dviete floodplain. During the seminar LIFE+ DVIETE project team will present results of floodplain restoration works, and a symbolic opening of restored historical riverbed of Dviete will take place. Till now restoration of a meandering riverbed in Latvia has been carried out only in Ķemeri national park - Slampe river was re-meandered in 2005 with the aim to increase biological diversity by arrangement of a riverbed with natural features, as well as to restore flood processes in surrounding grasslands. Onflow of Dviete is restored along its natural meandering bed within a section of about 2 km above the lake Skuķu within the framework of LIFE+ project DVIETE, thus restoring historical landscape and, simultaneously with restoration of open floodplain grasslands, creating habitats of Corncrake and other meadow birds. The landscape of floodplain has changed considerably, meadow plants grow instead of dense scrubs, Great Snipes breed, animals pasture, and visitors of the nature park can see curving riverbed of Dviete.

Further Information
Admission Registration required
Start May 21, 2015
End May 21, 2015

Country Latvia
City None
Address "Gulbji" farm, Bebrene parish, Ilukste municipality

Contact details
Organised by LIFE+ project DVIETE
Contact person Ilze Priedniece
E-mail ilze.priedniece@lu.lv
Telephone +371 26562163
Webpage http://www.dvietespaliene.lv/
Twitter @DvieteLife